Posted by Admin | December 18th, 2012

The 4 Best Ways to Change Jobs


As you may be aware, with dramatic new information advances in high technology, it now becoming possible for people to job-hunt easier, faster and for more effectively.

In fact, if you are looking for a new position on a professional, managerial or executive level you can probably save yourself weeks or even months of time vs. older traditional methods.  More important, you may accelerate your income and job satisfaction more than you ever thought possible.

You should also realize that in the current 2012 job market, opportunities constantly exist for people at every income level.  The key to doing well is knowing how things really work:  understanding where to get the best information on job openings and leads, and being ready to take advantage of opportunities as the represent themselves.

The four best, and quickest, ways to change jobs or careers are listed below.


  1. Identify every “appropriate” known opening and submit your credentials.
  2. Use your contacts, or if you don’t have any, start to develop them.
  3. Contact employers who are likely to have private openings
  4. Contact the right recruiters.



For most people, a little understood way to more effectively search for a new job involves the individual use of professional consultants like my team and myself.  Our firm is by far the leader in the field of personal recruitment.  We are not an employment agency or theoretical counselors, however we can do things you could never do for yourself and can help you maximize your potential in today’s competitive job markets