Posted by Admin | December 18th, 2012

In today’s world, corporate turnover averages 25% per year; in other words the average worker changes jobs every 2-5 years.  Most experts agree that purposeful job change is the fastest road to success.  When you go out into the job market, you may sometimes feel very much alone.  You’re not millions of people change jobs each year.  Every time one of them moves, and opening is created.  To fill this opening the company will often promote or transfer another employee, creating yet another opening.

In times of economic expansion, growing companies will constantly need to add personnel.   With today’s rapidly changing technology old jobs are eliminated and new ones created every day.  Sometimes the company seeks to fill positions by advertising in the help wanted section of the newspaper or on the Internet job boards or by contacting recruitment firms or “head-hunters.”  But very often the job is never advertised or submitted the recruitment industry.  How then do these positions get filled?  Usually by personal contacts and referrals, or by savvy job seekers who carefully plan to put themselves in the right spot at the right time.  To these victors belongs the spoils, the very best potential for growth, job satisfaction and yes, compensation.

Brian Randall and his team develops victors by developing a support system divided into eight key areas:


  1. Career Situation Analysis
  2. Development of a Customized Marketing Plan
  3. Expert Advice on Career Advancement Strategies
  4. Professional Resume Writing
  5. Preparation of Contact and Support Letters
  6. Marketing research and Advice on Employers
  7. On-going support
  8. Annual Career Assessment/On-Going Career Advice