Posted by Admin | December 18th, 2012


In Maricopa County there are approximately 80,000 businesses, of which nearly 80% are small, mid to intermediate in size showing revenue of $10 million to $150 million and housing fewer than 20 employees.  This is the true market for employment not just is the Southwest but throughout the Unites States.  These companies recognize the impact of a Global Economy and realize that more must be done with less.  At senior levels they can ill afford to spend years grooming management and need individuals that can provide an immediate impact on their business.   Companies are reluctant to make public their need for senior talent for fear of relinquishing their advantage to their competitors and not wanting to draw huge volumes on non- qualified applicants.   Therefore they will not advertise nationally, have moved away from Staffing and Recruitment and refuse to post on the Internet.  As a result you have an enormous sub-surface market that can only be reached by dedicated research.  Brian Randall and his firm Global Solutions/CDR Group have maintained their own proprietary research development for more than twenty years and will develop openings and opportunities for its clients that can never be accessed in any other manner.